CliftonStrengths Summit Spotlight - Education

The 2018 CliftonStrengths Summit helps educators learn how to use strengths on campus. Learn more: "I heard somebody say that they were walking around and bumped into so many people from campuses or institutions and higher education. I think that there is a strengths movement on campus, and more and more of us are identifying the benefits of it, in the way that it appeals to students and the tool that it is for their development, particularly leadership development, which is what I do. So coming here allows us to come back to the source. So many of us are researchers and we want source material, and we're coming back to the source and we're getting inspired. I know that I got inspired last year from my first visit to the summit. I think that most educators are coming here to learn new techniques, understand the curriculum delivery and then broaden that network of others that are doing it so that you can reach across different campuses to see what works in different places. We've got a lot of great ideas in the room and some collaborative work and we created a list of activities that people have said works well on their campus, so that anyone that is starting from scratch, can start with those great ideas."