Sports Bra vs No Bra: Pogo Stick Test!


Pogo Stick: I was not planning on reproducing the experience of the 'Sports Bra vs No Bra: Jump Rope Test!'(, but that was before I received a gift from an evil fan. A Master Pogo that came from Matt, accompanied by a letter that challenged me to use the Pogo Stick in a sequel video. To compare the stick to the jump rope. He added a small detail to his request, this time I should not wear any upper body protection nor clothes. Here's the video in which I accept his dare,! This is one of the first, but probably not the last time I make one of my subscribers' ideas come true. A few things about this experiment. The way I hold the Pogo does affect the way my chest reacts, and also the stick has a much bigger impact than the skipping rope! I jump higher in the air, meaning I fall harder, even if there is more absorption due to the spring. I conclude that the sports bra is necessary apparel for this type of activity! Special thanks to Matt, for his carefully planned gift, without whom this vlog would not have been possible. All have to say to you, Matt, is that I win, you lose. I did it this time! Get involved in something big. I update daily. That one new vlog per day! Participate in this fantastic YouTube adventure with a Patronage to my Channel of $20. Add $10 to your Patronage to become my Snapchat friend and receive my daily Snaps! And get access the exclusive content available on Find me on many social platforms: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Life happens... Just Watch Me!