Building the Ultimate GAMING Room: Episode 1! INSANE GAMING TV!


Building the Ultimate Livestreaming Room: Episode 1! It's INCREDIBLE! Can't believe I'm finally building the ULTIMATE Livestreaming Room. ● I REPLY to COMMENTS! Be AWESOME and drop a LIKE! ● All the GEAR I Have/Use: Check out the Qutee to leave comments on the room: Check out Jed's channel - All items in the video: LG TV: LG ATMOS Soundbar: LED STRIP: LED SPLITTER: WIRELESS AP: SWITCH: CORSAIR ONE: CORSAIR LAPDOG: Special thanks to LG: TV: Soundbar: ► MY OTHER CHANNELS! • DAILY VLOG: •• TECH: ► SOCIAL MEDIA! • Twitter - •• Instagram: • Facebook Page - •• Snapchat: Marzisnaps • Music: ►GAMING? FOLLOW MY TWITCH! ►BUY MY SHIRTS! • ► My Gaming Chair! Use "MBG" for 5% Discount: All opinions expressed are my own, I ask you to respect them, because I respect yours. Hope you enjoyed this content! -Alex (Marz)